[20 people ~ ★ private party plan → 3000 yen!] 2 hours all you can drink + all with 10 dishes ☆

[20 people ~ ★ private party plan → 3000 yen!] 2 hours all you can drink + all with 10 dishes ☆

3000 yen

OK ♪ in the usual each course fee of

  • 10items
  • 2030persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    The contents of all-you-can-drink! All you can drink a whopping 250 or more !!

Tamakinchi the [selfish chartered secretaries like] chartered OK ★ You have is longer charter would be nice just good usability !! 20 people in a small number of charter ♪ whopping as it is full course fee also OK !! this for good! ! First, because it responds to please consult ♪ weekdays consultation even from 15 people by phone, please feel free to contact us.


It will be an example.

Than two hours 3,000 yen drinking problem,

Depending on your budget, so you can change the contents, please contact us.

Such as by buying situation, there are times when there is a change of menu content ....(I'm sorry please crying)

In addition, there is the case menu contents that can change if you can consult.

· Tamakinchi of appetizers five assorted

(Example: homemade pickles / homemade potato salad / vinegar Motu of idiot horse cucumber / three)

· Tamakinchi plantation salad

(♪ which uses a homemade cultivation of balanced and vegetables)

·anchovy potato

(In addition to the person time to classic French fries, we have developed a snack will not stop!)

- Tartar Deep-fried chicken

(Tamakinchi popular menu.Also with homemade tartar, hearty!)

- Special Hakata roe of pasta

(Using the pride of the roe of Fukuoka, it is a popular menu.)

All-you-can-drink menu

Ebisu beer
- Potato, wheat
- Various
House wine (red and white)
- Various
Jin tonic / shandygaff / Campari soda / Peach soda / vodka tonic / Moscow Mule / cassis soda / Cuba Libre / lychee Grape / Peach Jasmine etc ...
·Soft drink
- Oolong tea / jasmine tea / green tea / grapefruit juice / pineapple juice / apple juice / tea / cola / ginger ale / tomato juice
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day before the desired date 20

2018/02/01 update