【Forgotten annual course】 2 hours drink all you can eat + all 10 items ⇒ 2980 yen ♪
【Forgotten annual course】 2 hours drink all you can eat + all 10 items ⇒ 2980 yen ♪
2980 yen

It is perfect for private banquet to various banquets such as company banquet etc ♪ 4 people or more (★ Consult with even from 2 people / ___ Negotiable for negotiation ♪ / Further drinking at +500 yen Unlimited drinking for 1 hour OK ♪ Call me ♪


Depending on the purchase situation, there may be changes in menu contents · · ·.(Sorry, crying)

In addition, the content of the menu may change if you can consult us.

Various courses can be assembled according to your budget.

Please contact us!

· Assorted 5 kinds of Tamakinchi appetizers

(Example: fool horse cucumber / three kinds of homemade pickles / homemade potato salad / vinegar moch)

· Tamakinchi plantation salad

(We use vegetables harvested from homemade cultivation ♪)

·anchovy potato

(We have developed a snack that stops getting stuck by adding one hand to the classic potato flies!)

Deep-fried Tartar chicken

(Tamakin popular menu.Homemade tartar is also included, volume full scale!)

· Pasta of Special Hakata Mentaiko

(It is a popular menu using Mentaiko boasting local Fukuoka.)

All you can drink for + 500 yen OK ♪ First time extension by phone ♪

* Since you can also change the last pasta to the famous pork curry, please contact us.

Coupon that can be used

  • 2 hours all you can drink and all 10 items ☆ 【Banquet course】 【2 hours】 ⇒ 2980 yen ♪

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking and accepted at the time
    • Conditions of use

      Over 2 people / reservation required / on-site reservation will be on consultation ★ / even + 500 yen for all you can drink 1 long extension OK

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of December 2017